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Welcome to FWARE

FWare - A new day is dawning.

At FWARE we look forward to helping you fulfill your business software goals with excellence; on time and in budget.

FWARE is not a huge conglomerate and we will take the time to learn about you, your business and your goals so that at the end of the day we make decisions that save you money and improve your bottom line return on investment.

FWARE will not try to oversell you nor will we dismiss your small projects. We will strive to communicate with you at every step of the process, both to keep you informed and to keep us on the right track. We promise fidelity, fairness and an outstanding finish.

FWARE - A new day is dawning.

Free FWARE utilities

Everybody loves free stuff. Here are a couple utilities created by FWARE we think you might enjoy.

Paletta - Hex and RGB colors made easy.Paletta - Hex and RGB colors made easy. More information... or Download here.
Fortata - Easy and secure identity managementFortata - Easy and secure identity management. More information... or Download here.


FWARE was founded in January, 2008 on the island of Kaua'i. FWARE is currently located in Keller, Texas and supports the surrounding area including Roanoke, Fort Worth and Dallas. From its inception FWARE's goal has been twofold. First, to provide a quality service and product to its clients. Second, to bolster the surrounding community through charity, mentoring and volunteerism.

FWARE achieves the first part of that goal through ethics and hard work. FWARE will treat you honestly, forthrightly and won't take advantage of you for a quick buck. We understand that this benefits no one in the long run. FWARE will also work for you as though the end result directly benefitted FWARE's business. Because it does and we recognize the importance of making you, our client successful and satisfied.

FWARE reaches out to the community in direct and indirect ways though partnerships with a local Rotary club (Rotary Club of Kaua'i) as well as through literacy programs in which our employees volunteer and through cash donations to groups and events such as the Old Koloa Sugar Mill Run. We hope that our work in the community will benefit those we live, work and play among and that we can be an example of good stewardship and leadership.