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Paletta Features

Easily get the HTML/hex value of a color from an object on the screen, from a color picker, from the sliders, etc. You can also get the RGB value of an HTML color. Compatible with both HTML/Hex values and named colors. Just put in the hex value (minus the '#') or the color name. Alternatively, click on the color palette to choose a color. Or you can click and hold on the "Screen Color Grab" label and let it go when you're over the color you want to sample.

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Paletta Screenshots

Paletta requires the following:
  • Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Approximately 12MB hard drive or USB drive (for mobile version) free space.
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Paletta Download

Download Windows Installer here.

Download Paletta Mobile (for Windows) here. Unzip to your USB drive or anywhere else and you're good to go.