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Fortata Features

Too many online id's to manage? Forgetting your password or worse yet using the same password for all your online logins?

Fortata by FWARE is an easy and secure way to manage your online identities. It features robust encryption of your data. Without the password you create the first time you start the program no one* can get to your data.

Easy to use ... No complex setup and from now on you just need to remember a single password.

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* Within reason of course. If a well funded government or criminal with plenty of time on their hands goes after you, FWARE provides no assurance of privacy. However, you can rest assured that FWARE has not left a back door and without your password we can not give anyone any useful information to help them get to your data.

Fortata by FWare logo

Fortata Screenshots

Fortata requires the following:
  • Microsoft .Net Framework version 3.5
  • Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Approximately 10MB hard drive or USB drive (for mobile version) free space.
Fortata by FWare logo

Fortata Download

Download Windows Installer here.

Download Fortata Mobile (for Windows) here. Unzip to your USB drive or anywhere else. You can copy an existing Fortata data file to the same directory and keep your passwords with you securely whereever you go.